Thursday, 5 March 2009

Inspiration post no1

Ok so here are a few things i found online which i think are totally amazing and that inspire me.


I have always been a fan of Damien's work and i really love these skate board deck's. I like the colours and how he has used the paint as a texture/pattern and making them totally random and colourful. This is the type of artwork that i like Bright,Colourful,full of fun and interest. I like how he has used these pieces on skate boards rather than on canvas ready for a gallery space.


US and Japanese consumer/pop culture converge in an explosion of mashup madness on the festive streets of “Nihon Town,” an illustration by Ken Taya

This is a video i found by an Artist called Lichtfaktor, which is really interesting. I really like the use of light and colours and how he can adapt a space and create a whole new story for that space by using light. I like the video more than the images because they are more alive and they show the movement of the light. I'd quite like to experiment with light like that.

Go to this link to watch the video as this stupid blog thing wont let me post the video on here.


Text via supertouchart:

In a sure sign of the state of the modern art world, the single artwork attracting the most attention at ARCO (the Madrid International Contemporary Art Fair) that opened today was not a masterpiece by DAMIEN HIRST, but rather a parody of the UK bad boy artist by EUGENIO MERINO depicting the master financial strategist encased in one of his own white display cubes, shooting himself in the head. Titled “For the Love of Gold” in reference to Hirst’s $100 million diamond encrusted skull “For the Love of God,” the hyper-realistic yet oddly contorted piece incorporates real human hair, glass eyes, and realistic blood pouring from a gaping hole in the cranium and was quickly snapped up on opening day by a Florida collector for $33,500 USD

Even though i am a fan of Damien's work i did find this quite ammusing. Especially how they had put him in a case similar to ones he uses in his previous work from the work he produced for the Freeze exhibition. People knock Damien Hirst for not doing his own work but to be honest if you had the money? wouldnt you just hire someone who knows what their doing to do it? And they have also accused him of stealing idea's.. Dont we all? There is no such thing as original anymore. Everything has been done once before in some shape or form. to create something you have to be inspired. And to be inspired you see what others have done and take your idea's from that. So really i dont understand why people are so ANTI-Damien Hirst. I think his work is interesting and i personally before him had never seen such works like the framaldahyde pieces.

Edgar Mueller's Drawing on the floor!

I think this is amazing! I have seen a few of his pieces before but this is by far the best ive seen.

Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino have transformed a regular telephone booth into a functioning aquarium for the Lyon Light Festival in France.

I seem to quite like things to do with light and putting things in water or in boxes. I might see weather i should go a totally different direction and go with what happenes to things once left in water for a while. And their life span in water.


Dazed & Confused have collaborated with DKNY to celebrate the New York brand´s 20th birthday. They created a short film and a photo session with styling by Katie Shillingford and photography by Pierre Debusschere.


Photographer Jeanyves Lemoigne.

I think these are definately one of my favorate pieces ive seen in a very long time. I love the way he has used his 3D sculptures in a pixelated way and left the rest of the surroundings 'normal' I think the poses and the whole set up of his photographs are really interesting as it makes me question are these photo's he has taken and re-created? or has he used found photo's and re-produced them? these are the types of questions which pop into my head when looking at these pieces. None the less i think they are extremely visually interesting.


The cake was made by Granny Schmidt’s bakery in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

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